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Energy Policies beyond IEA Countries: Ukraine 2012 (Ukrainian summary)

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Ukraine’s energy sector faces unprecedented challenges, from a heavy reliance on expensive fossil-fuel imports to ineffi cient infrastructure and markets. Yet there is also potential for Ukraine to experience an energy revolution, one that could boost employment, lift economic growth and enhance energy security. Modernisation of Ukraine’s energy-supply sectors has only begun and will require investment on a huge scale, complemented by a fundamental reform of the business environment.

A strong dependency on oil and gas imports and often-ineffi cient energy production, transportation and supply sectors means that reducing energy demand must be a greater priority. The potential for energy effi ciency gains in the residential, district heating and industrial sectors is large. Endowed with large conventional energy reserves, alongside sizeable renewable potential, Ukraine can build the capacity to signifi cantly increase its resource production.

Releasing this potential will require deep regulatory reform and full implementation of international treaty provisions. Effective competition, alongside a progressive move towards market prices, will also help Ukraine attract investment to develop the sector. A draft energy strategy, which sets out a series of supply-side measures, was published in 2012. Broadening and implementing a comprehensive energy strategy, one that takes greater account of demand-side policies, could significantly improve progress in the medium term.

This review analyses the large energy-policy challenges facing Ukraine and provides recommendations for further policy improvements. It is intended to help guide policy makers in the country towards a more secure and sustainable energy future.

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Released Date 19 October 212
Pages 42