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Energy Prices and Taxes

Energy Prices and Taxes for OECD Countries 2Q2019 Overview 1.1MB
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Within its digitalisation strategy, the IEA is moving to consolidate its outputs. As a result, starting in 2019, the Energy Prices and Taxes will be published in book and PDF formats on an annual basis instead of a quarterly basis, while the data service will continue to be released every quarter.

1st Quarter 2019 is the last quarterly issue available in PDF and/or Paper format.


Energy Prices and Taxes contains a major international compilation of energy prices of OECD countries: including crude oil and oil product spot prices, import costs by crude stream, industry prices and consumer prices. The end-user prices cover the main petroleum products, gas, coal and electricity. Every issue includes full notes on sources and methods and a description of price mechanisms in each country. Time series availability varies with each data series.


To order the Energy Prices and Taxes online data service and find further information on this and other data services, please consult the IEA online data services portal.


Prices for Non-OECD countries are available in our World Energy Prices data service.  For further information please consult the IEA online data services portal.



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Pages 437
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