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Energy Technology RD&D Budgets 2020: Overview

Energy Technology RDD 2020 Overview 251.8KB

Excel file available here.

This is a short overview of the Energy Technology RD&D budgets database.  This database includes data on budgets in national currencies (in nominal and real prices), in USD (at latest year prices and exchange rates), in USD (at latest year prices and PPP) and in Euro (at latest year prices and exchange rates). Also, the database shows RD&D budgets and calculating indicators.

The government energy technology RD&D budgets are submitted on an annual questionnaire every year to the IEA Secretariat by appropriate Administrations in national currencies. The exchange rates are published in Main Economic Indicators (OECD) and the GDP and GDP deflators come from the National Accounts (OECD).

The IEA Energy Technology RD&D Budget Database can be accessed for free through IEA Data Services by logging in as GUEST here. A selected version of the database is also freely available as excel file here. Please see the documentation for more information. To learn more about the database and how the data is collected, please consult the manual or questionnaire.

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Released Date 30 April 2020
Pages 16