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EV City Casebook

A Look at the Global Electric Vehicle Movement
EV City Casebook

Electric vehicles (EVs) hold the potential of transforming the way the world moves. EVs can increase energy security by diversifying the fuel mix and decreasing dependence on petroleum, while also reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Just as important, EVs can unlock innovation and create new advanced industries that spur job growth and enhance economic prosperity. However, the mass deployment of EVs will require transportation systems capable of integrating and fostering this new technology. To accelerate this transition, cities and metropolitan regions around the world are creating EV-friendly ecosystems and building the foundation for widespread adoption. 

In recognition of the importance of urban areas in the introduction and scale-up of electric vehicles, the EV City Casebook presents informative case studies on city and regional EV deployment efforts around the world. These case studies are illustrative examples of how pioneering cities are preparing the ground for mass market EV deployment. They offer both qualitative and quantitative information on cities’ EV goals, progress, policies, incentives, and lessons learned to date. The purpose of the EV City Casebook is to share experiences on EV demonstration and deployment, identify challenges and opportunities, and highlight best practices for creating thriving EV ecosystems. These studies seek to enhance understanding of the most effective policy measures to foster the uptake of electric vehicles in urban areas. 

The cities represented here are actively engaging in a variety of initiatives that share the goal of accelerating EV adoption. This publication is the result of an effort to coordinate those initiatives and provide a global perspective on the electric vehicle movement. This international knowledge-sharing network consists of the Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI), a multi-government initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial; Project Get Ready, a Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) initiative; and the International Energy Agency’s Implementing Agreement for Cooperation on Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies and Programmes (HEV IA); with the support of the C40 Cities in partnership with the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI). 

In addition, these organizations are collaborating to launch the World EV Cities and Ecosystems web portal, for which the EV City Casebook will provide initial content. This firstof-its-kind website captures EV deployment progress in cities worldwide and will serve as a central hub for harmonizing efforts, leveraging existing resources and participants, and disseminating best EV deployment practices to global stakeholders. By working together and sharing knowledge, cities from diverse regions and countries will realize the benefits of electric mobility and achieve a sustainable energy future.

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Released Date 5 May 2012
Pages 75
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