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IEA Energy and Carbon Tracker

New interactive product!
IEA Energy and Carbon Tracker - Users guide - PDF 548.8KB
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The IEA Energy and Carbon Tracker is a new interactive product showcasing a wide set of indicators to analyse historical trends of CO2 emissions, energy, power and sectoral patterns at country level. This product is published in excel format and includes graphs of time series and decomposition analyses, also allowing for country comparison.  

The data are derived from the IEA 2020 editions of World energy balances, CO2 emissions from fuel combustion and Energy efficiency indicators databases. The user-friendly design allows visual presentation of a set of analyses which help tracking decarbonisation for each country and globally. 

The Tracker includes annual data from 1990 to 2019 for selected indicators for all OECD countries, the IEA Family and other selected countries; and up to 2018 for the global set of indicators for over 160 countries and regions.

The Tracker includes graphs and data for the following indicators:

  •         CO2 emissions by sector and by product
  •         CO2 and energy related socio-economic indicators
  •         Total energy supply by source and by product
  •         Sectoral shares in Total final consumption
  •         Power generation and sectoral CO2 emissions by product
  •         Share of power generation by product
  •         Drivers of CO2 emissions from electricity generation 
  •         Sectoral energy consumption by product
  •         End-use energy consumption by sector

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Released Date 16 November 2020