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Insights Series 2016 - Electricity Security Across Borders: Case Studies on Cross-Border Electricity Security in Europe

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Electricity security is of critical importance to economies around the globe. This issue is only becoming more pressing as jurisdictions seek to decarbonise their power sectors. The increasingly interconnected nature of power markets brings both opportunities to more effectively manage this transition and the challenges that come from increased interdependency. How best to integrate power systems across borders, though, remains a topic of ongoing discussion.

The three case studies presented in this report focus on how the European Union (EU) and its member states are working to improve electricity security across borders. These case studies look at the challenges the region faces, some of the ways it has been working to overcome these challenges, and some of the reasons why certain challenges remain unaddressed.  In each case, key findings and lessons learned are highlighted.

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Released Date 12 January 2017
Pages 77