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Joint IEA‐OPEC workshop on CO2‐enhanced oil recovery with CCS

HEIDUG Workshop Report IEA OPEC FINAL 745.2KB

The IEA and OPEC jointly organised a workshop to discuss CO2‐EOR and its role in supporting the early demonstration of CCS. The workshop was hosted by Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, and held in Kuwait City on 7‐8 February 2012. It brought together OPEC Member country experts and international CO2‐EOR experts to discuss commercial, economic, technical, regulatory and policy aspects associated with the technology.Issues discussed include factors that can promote CO2‐EOR ahead of “pure” CCS, barriers preventing uptake of the technology, and the range of policy interventions that could be employed to promote its use in OPEC Member countriesand other parts of the world. This report presents a synthesis of the discussions that took place,  and lays the foundation for future analysis.

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Released Date 23 July 2012
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