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Market Report Series: Energy Efficiency 2019 - Abridged Chinese Version

Energy Efficiency 2019-Abridged Chinese Version 11.8MB


The Abridged Chinese Version of Energy Efficiency 2019 presents a selection of information first published in the IEA’s Energy Efficiency 2019, an authoritative tracker of global energy efficiency trends. The abridged Chinese version focuses on insights and analysis that are of greatest relevance to Chinese stakeholders in energy efficiency, including policy makers, industry and the research community.

Since 2015, improvements in global energy intensity have been weakening each year. Energy Efficiency 2019 examined the reasons for this slowdown, which has major implications for consumers, businesses, governments and the environment. The rate at which energy-using technologies are becoming more efficient is slowing, and at the same time societal changes are driving up energy demand at a faster pace than technological change can improve efficiency. On top of this, progress on policy and investment remains flat. 

In addition to tracking trends in energy efficiency policy, investment and technology, Energy Efficiency 2019 highlighted how the digitalisation of our homes, businesses and transport systems can provide immense opportunities to improve energy efficiency in systems and end uses. The Chinese government’s drive to transition to a high-tech economy aligns well with the report’s special focus on digitalisation and the report can provide constructive insights for policymakers. The IEA stands ready to support the Chinese government in seizing the full potential of linking digitalisation with energy efficiency, which will serve China’s rapid recovery from Covid-19 impacts well, in addition to underpinning the upcoming 14th Five Year Plan.

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Released Date 4 November 2019
Pages 98