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Monthly Oil Data Service (MODS) Complete

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Contains all three packages - Supply, Demand, Balances and Stocks, Trade and Field by Field Supply.

Supply: monthly quarterly and annual supply for crude, NGL, and non-conventional oils in individual OECD and Non-OECD countries with aggregates shown for the three OECD regions, North America, Europe and Pacific. Data are in thousand barrels per day, and include 6-18 month forecasts.

Demand: monthly, quarterly and annual demand data for ten products in individual OECD countries, and aggregated by OECD region; quarterly and annual demand for Non-OECD countries. Non-OECD dataset starts in 1991. Both datasets are in thousand barrels per day and include 6-18 month forecasts.

Balances: monthly supply and demand balances for individual OECD countries, presenting indigenous production, imports, exports, stock changes, refinery intake and output, international marine bunkers and deliveries for inland consumption for 20 products. Data are in thousand metric tons.

Stocks: comprehensive monthly coverage of industry and government-controlled stock data in individual OECD countries and for the three regions. Covers crude oil, NGL and feedstocks, motor gasoline, middle distillates and residual fuel oil. Data are in thousand barrels. Historical monthly data back to January 1988, data from 1984 to 1987 are available on a quarterly basis.

Trade: monthly information on OECD member countries' imports from over 90 origins and exports to over 80 destinations for 21 products. Included are: crude oil, NGL, motor gasoline, gas/diesel oil, residual fuel oil and 16 other products. Data are in thousand metric tons.

Field by Field Supply: monthly, quarterly and annual production data, starting in 1994 and including the six-eighteen month outlook period covered in the Oil Market Report, with forecasts for major fields, and production streams in nearly one hundred OECD and non-OECD countries. Data are reported in thousand barrels per day (kb/d).