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Oil Information Overview (2020 edition)

Oil Information Overview 2020 edition 317.4KB

This Oil Information Overview (2020 edition) contains a summary of the most recent trends in crude production and oil product demand.


The Oil Information 2020 data service contains time series of oil data for 36 OECD countries from 1960 to 2018. Country aggregates for OECD Total, OECD Americas, OECD Asia Oceania, OECD Europe and IEA 30 are also included.

Statistics are available for detailed supply/demand balances, end-use consumption, trade by origin and destination as well as for stock levels and changes. Annual Oil Statistics (AOS) contains data in thousand tonnes for crude oil, NGL, and 17 petroleum products.

Some major series for oil demand and supply for the world and regional aggregates are also included up to 2019, based on preliminary data.

The data service can be purchased here.

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Released Date 28 July 2020
Pages 33
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