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Optimising Russian Natural Gas

Optimising Russian Natural Gas

The world’s largest gas producer and exporter, Russia has an enormous energy saving potential. At least 30 billion cubic meters – a fifth of Russian exports to European OECD countries - could be saved every year by enhanced technology or energy efficiency. As the era of cheap gas in Russia comes to an end, this potential saving is increasingly important for Russians and importing countries. And as domestic gas prices increase, efficiency investments will become increasingly economic – not to mention the incentive for Gazprom to enhance its efficiency against a backdrop of high European gas prices.

Optimising Russian Natural Gas: Reform and Climate Policy analyses and estimates the potential savings and the associated reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in the oil extraction (flaring), gas transmission and distribution sectors. Achieving these savings will require linking long-standing energy efficiency goals with energy sector reforms, as well as climate policy objectives. The book also describes Russia’s emerging climate policy and institutional framework, including work still ahead before the country is eligible for the Kyoto Protocol’s flexibility mechanisms and can attract financing for greenhouse gas reductions.

Optimising Russian Natural Gas: Reform and Climate Policy stresses the need for Russia to tap the full potential of energy savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions through a more competitive environment in the gas sector to attract timely investments.

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