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Policy Pathway - Energy Performance Certification of Buildings

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Improving energy efficiency is one of the most effective measures to address energy security, climate change and economic objectives. The Policy Pathways series can help countries capture this potential by assisting with the implementation of the 25 IEA energy efficiency policy recommendations that were published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in 2008.

This policy pathway on energy performance certification of buildings is the second in the series. It aims to provide a “how-to” guide to policy makers and relevant stakeholders on the essential elements in implementing energy performance certification of buildings programmes. Energy performance certification of buildings is a way to rate the energy efficiency of individual buildings – whether they be residential, commercial or public. It is a key policy instrument that can assist governments in reducing energy consumption in buildings. This policy pathway showcases experiences from countries around the world to show examples of good practice and delivers a pathway of ten critical steps to implement energy performance certification of buildings programmes.  

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Released Date 2 November 2010
Pages 64