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WEO-2007 Special Report: Focus on China and India

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China and India, the world’s fastest growing energy markets, are the special focus of the 2007 edition in the award-winning World Energy Outlook (WEO) series. How fast will demand in these dynamic economies rise? How will it be met? And what impact will their energy choices have on the rest of the world? Incorporating a global update of the WEO mid- and long-term energy projections reflecting the latest data, WEO 2007 also features 3 key energy scenarios to 2030:

  • the Reference Scenario shows the trends in surging energy consumption and CO2 emissions under existing government policies;
  • the Alternative Policy Scenario shows how policies driven by concerns for energy security, energy efficiency and the environment, under discussion but not yet adopted, could curb growth in energy demand;
  • the High Growth Scenario analyses what would happen to energy use if current high levels of economic growth in China and India persist through the projection period.

New and more detailed models for both China and India allow a more comprehensive analysis of different future energy paths. WEO 2007 analyses the impact of rising energy use in these countries on:

  • international energy prices; 
  • investment needs and financing arrangements; 
  • energy-related greenhouse gas and other emissions;
  • and energy and non-energy international trade flows. 

The prospects for coal use, the role of nuclear, renewables, energy-efficiency improvements and urban and rural energy poverty in these two countries are all examined in depth. The work rests on close collaboration with public authorities and private organisations in China and India, as well as with key international organisations.  

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