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WEO-2018 Special Report: Outlook for Producer Economies

What do changing energy dynamics mean for major oil and gas exporters?
WEO 2018 Special Report Outlook for Producer Economies 3.2MB

For resource rich-economies, the high reliance on hydrocarbon revenues, coupled with the risk of fluctuations in prices, creates well-known pitfalls. The current market and policy environment is adding to these uncertainties, with questions surrounding the impact of the shale revolution in the short term, along with longer-term structural questions about the outlook for demand. In response to these changing conditions, many major producers are displaying a renewed commitment to reform and economic diversification.

This analysis provides a comprehensive assessment of how the prospects for major oil and gas producer economies evolve in various scenarios to 2040.

The report:

  • Assesses the impact of different price and demand trajectories on revenues from oil and gas in several key producer economies
  • Explores the ways in which the energy sector can help mitigate vulnerabilities and support economic diversification
  • Examines the potential implications of different pathways for energy markets, global environmental goals, and energy security

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Released Date 25 October 2018
Pages 98