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World Energy Outlook 2019

To be released on 13 November 2019
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The World Energy Outlook takes into account all the latest market and technology information, as well as policy developments in different parts of the world, in order to produce our scenario-based analysis. In addition to coverage of topical issues for all fuels, technologies and regions, as well as pathways to meet global climate and other sustainable development goals, this year’s draft includes detailed analysis of three critical areas:

  • Africa: the focus on Africa reflects a deepening partnership with IEA, and the overarching intention is to provide a robust, evidence-based platform to guide energy decision-makers, with strong linkages to different sustainable development goals. The analysis looks in more detail than ever at individual countries, and examines in particular new opportunities to provide universal access to clean, affordable energy, and how the energy sector can open up perspectives for economic growth across Africa.

  • Offshore wind: the technical potential for offshore wind is huge, and investment in Europe’s North Sea has underscored the scope for technology cost reductions and performance gains. This analysis explores the prospects for growth in leading markets around the world, the conditions and infrastructure that can facilitate this growth, and the contribution that offshore wind can make to a secure transformation of the power sector.

  • Future of gas infrastructure: how does the role of gas networks evolve in a low-emissions energy system in which electricity takes a larger share of final consumption? This chapter examines the options to reduce the emissions intensity of gas supply, primarily via hydrogen and biomethane, and considers the implications for policy design, emissions and energy security.


Purchasing the report gives you access to the World Energy Outlook online database, allowing you to download figures and tables from the report in Excel format and data by scenario and region for:

  • Fossil fuel supply and demand
  • Energy balances
  • Electricity generation
  • Power generation capacity
  • CO2 emissions
  • Air pollution
  • Investment

A powerful interactive tool to explore the datasets is also available.

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Released Date 13 November 2019